The QES-FCMB SFP is an innovative School Fees Management Solution developed by Q-Education Services and in partnership with the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) to address the inefficient school fees payment and collection pattern of Nigerian private schools. As an integrated and out-of-the box payment and collection module, it relieves both the school and the parent the hassles associated with school fees management.


For the school, QES-FCMB SFP offers a lump sum payment of schools fees collected in a piecemeal contributions through a special-purpose School Fees Payment Unique Reference Number (SPURN) into the school account at a pre-determined payment date. Schools on the platform may also request for an optional top-up loan service, as well as access flexible bank loans from FCMB. With this collection system, schools are able to embark on major capital-intensive projects.


As a parent or guardian alike, you need not worry about where to get that bulk cash to offset your child/ward'd bills. You may chose to pay by a regular piecemeal (bit-by-bit) contribution to the child SPURN/Account using any of your prefered e-channels or by walking up to any money transfer agent nearest to you.


The approach is simple, we collect in bits, pay in lump sum.